Dec 10, 2015

Thoughts for the year.....

Thoughts for the year.....

When I asked God what it is He wanted me to share about this year I felt Him ask what does it mean to be in my presence? What does it mean to get quiet, to be still, to stop talking and just sit with me? Those of you that know me know that I have a lot of energy and it is hard for me to be still. But this year God has slowed me down in ways I did not think possible. In fact at some points He literally knocked me to my knees and just quiet my heart to listen. In those moments God has been able to show me things and reveal himself to me in ways I could never imagine. All He needs is some of our undivided time. There is so much he can reveal to us when we are in a place to truly listen.  Our days can easily be filled with total chaos as we hit the ground running with our to do list, our obligations and commitments for the day. It can be easy to say I don’t have time to be still there is just too much to do. I know I can be guilty of that. But in those moments when we make that time to just be present with an open heart God can take those to do lists and leave you with a much smaller list of what really matters. He can carry those burdens that take up so much of our energy. He can change our perspective so we can see situations differently through other eyes then our own.  He can bring healing and joy into suffering and pain. He can show us truly where we need to be and what we are called to be doing. Only if we take the time to ask and time to wait for an answer.  When was the last time you were still enough to listen to what God had to say?


When I got the call a few months ago and found out my dad had suddenly died in his sleep, my whole world got turned upside down. I was flooded with all sorts of emotions hurt, anger, numbness, disbelief, uncertainty but in that time God showed me myself broken and hurting laying at the feet of His son Jesus and as I laid there Jesus gently leaned forward and whispered do you know how much I love you? I ask you that same question today Do YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVED BY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER ? Take my hand He said, lets keep walking this journey together. You just need to TRUST in me. I am that peace that passes all understanding. I don’t know about you but that is sometimes hard to wrap my head around, but that Love is so real. We are loved unconditionally beyond measure despite being unworthy. Can you feel that love? God wants to be part of everything we do because He is all we need to find our way. He has such great plans for each and every one of us when we surrender ourselves to Him and take the time to be in His presence and LISTEN.

 That being said God continues to show me we don’t only need that vertical relationship with him but we also need community we need each other. None of us can do this alone, that is why we are called into relationship. But what does the body of Christ look like? How often do we stop and take the time to just be present with each other without thinking about the next place we need to go or thing we need to do. How often do we miss opportunities because it is not in our agenda or plan for the day. How often do we judge people or situations? Do we really see each other or are we just constantly in passing. One day I walked into our therapy gym in Haiti to get something before I went back to training in our adaptive workshop. When I entered the gym I looked over and saw this older gentleman sitting on our mat with a sad worn look on his face as everyone was busily working around him. I knew I needed to get back to the training but I did not see any of our staff working with this patient, so I went to ask him if he was there for therapy. He said he was and had just finished his last set of exercises. When I asked him how things were going he paused and then he started to get tears in his eyes. He then said he has been coming to therapy for a while since his stroke but is still not able to walk well and do the things he needs to do to provide for his family of 5. He said he did not see the point in doing these silly exercises since he was not much better. I asked him: Eski ou kwe tout bagay posib avek Jezi? Which means do you believe all things are possible with God He paused and whispered I think. I then said I don’t know what God has planned for you but I know he still has a purpose for your life. I told him I did not know what that purpose was but that if he was willing to keep coming I promised together we would keep working at helping figure that out so he can fulfill that purpose. That day he did not need therapy he just needed someone to listen. I will never forget when he turned to me and said what translates to “thank you for seeing me”. That made me stop and think how many times have I missed those moments to just listen and how many times that I too desired to be seen and heard. During this busy season lets try and slow down enough that we don’t miss those opportunities. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is your undivided attention.

 In closing I want to remind each of you that you are loved, you are called, you are equipped, and you are needed to help advance the kingdom. What that looks like is different for each of us because we are gifted in different ways.  But think about what God could do if we really truly believed that in our hearts. I feel like God is asking this morning how big is your faith? Where do you find your sense of security? What is it that you need to surrender to me, because I can carry that too. Why are you so afraid to do what I am asking you to do? Do you believe this love that I have for you because I can bring light into any darkness if you allow me into every part of your life. Come spend some time with me, and if you are really looking you can see me in others.