Apr 6, 2015

Back in Haiti

Back in Haiti

So thankful to be back in Haiti and for the lessons it continues to teach me.  I returned with very mixed emotions, remembering how physically and emotionally drained I had felt when I last left. There was a strange anxiousness that I did not anticipate returning to a place that has completely captured my heart; but at the same time broken it. I think that it is in those moments that we are completely vulnerable that God is able to mold us the most and true growth occurs.

There is such a peace that comes from being in His presence and knowing I am right where He wants me to be even if at times it is hard.  God is helping me learn to be still and to slow down and be present in the moment I am in. I realize how much I miss when I hurriedly try to get to the next thing I think or feel I should be doing.  Isn’t that a battle we all struggle with -chasing after our never- ending to-do lists instead of just being present in the moment we are given? How often do we miss opportunities simply because we did not slow down enough to see them; or we only stopped to look from our own perspective. Wow God is showing me so much of what I was missing. I must say it has been humbling but also way cool to just let go trying to control and simply experience the little joys of each day, appreciating the challenges and way I am truly BLESSED.

In the clinic I look around and see a mom who was once going to give her severely disabled child away because she saw no other option. Now he is in a special needs class at a school where she works as a cook. She can now provide for her family and her son is in a loving and safe environment during the day while she works.  She did not have to place him in an orphanage like so many. Though not all children have this opportunity, it has been incredible to see perceptions are being changed about the disabled.  Our clinic is becoming a place where they can find love, respect and be seen for the unique gifts that they are. They can be challenged to reach their full potential. Life for a person with a disability is still a daily struggle here but I can see where God is changing hearts and families are finding hope and healing through the work that is being done here.

Though we almost daily have patients with outrageously high BP’s we also have examples of stroke patients that have returned to doing things independently and found purpose for their lives again. We have patients excited to exercise and loose weight so they can feel better and help prevent diabetes and strokes. We have stroke patients sharing their story to try and help others prevent this from happening to them. We are helping our patients learn they are accountable for taking care of their health and they can make a difference by the choices they make daily. There are still lots of barriers and lots of education to be done but slowly we are seeing lives that are being changed. It is pretty awesome to be one of those lives that God is changing through His unconditional love, faithfulness, grace and patience as I learn to walk with Him and my brothers and sisters He puts in my path.