Nov 18, 2012

Thoughts from Guatemala

Thoughts from Guatemala

I have now been in Guatemala for over four weeks and it has been an Amazing experience. God is showing me more and more each day what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. Last weekend as I sat in the ASELSI Bible School graduation attempting to sing worship music in Spanish I was reminded of how big Our God is that knows all languages and has an overwhelming love for all people across this world. I think sometimes it is easy to get stuck in our own culture and the way we think things should be.  However my travels are showing me the world from a different perspective. God is at work everywhere in amazingly different ways . We have so much to learn from each other when we open our hearts, stop judging and put our faith entirely in the One that created us. It is incredible to see what can happen when we come together as the brother’s and sister’s we are called to be and care for each other.

This trip has shown me even more the value of teaching a man to fish rather than trying to be God’s answer to a problem. God can do so much more when we lay down our own agendas, get out of the way and follow His lead. For example last week we had big plans of trying to video some treatment sessions so we could create some instructional videos for future teachings of therapy techniques. We had the camera set up, the patients scheduled, a release form made, and a plan ready.  Well, when the first patient came and we gave them a standard release we would do in our country it totally freaked the mom out. The language was too legal and she did not want to sign it. If we just simply ask can we take some pictures for future teachings everyone has been more than willing to agree. We then proceed to have many patients that did not come to therapy that day. We were unable to record as planned but instead had a blast working with the therapy workers showing them treatment techniques to do on the ball and scooter board. We were playing like kids and learning from each other.  It was great fun. The day did not go as planned but the goal was achieved.

As I work more with Jennifer (my therapy friend here) I am learning more and more how to teach the therapy basics to locals that have the desire to learn and serve others in this way.  God is giving me a heart to take this knowledge to other hard to reach places where there is currently nothing for people with disabilities.  It is so exciting  to teach this gift God has given to others and share His love in this way. It is so fun to watch as the therapy workers grasp a new concept and then step back and watch them work with a child. It is like watching a child take their first steps as they slowly gain their confidence and then just take off on their own. I feel so very blessed to be right where God has me and I am very excited about what plans God has for this next year. As always I thank each and every one of you for your love, prayers and faithful support of the work God is doing in me and through these wonderful ministries.