In 2009 I went to a prayer retreat, which was way out of my comfort zone, but during that retreat I had a prayer prayed over me that changed me. At the time I had no idea what it meant I just knew it was for me and I didn’t feel the same afterward. For days I prayed asking God what it meant and heard nothing until one morning it became clear God was calling me to go overseas. I guess you could say that was when I first got the call, which I choose to accept. You never know what God is going to do when you take the time to engage in a conversation. I tell you this story because I was someone that didn’t think I could hear from God. I had no idea how to be still and listen but God found a way to communicate anyways. I look back in awe of what He has done when I stepped out in faith. God has so much to say when we open our hearts and ears to listen. God has since taken me all over the world. He has shown me things that have just broken my heart but He has also filled it with a joy I had never known.

I guess you could say I am just a big kid in love with the God that created me doing my best to follow His plan for my life. Falling down at times and taking wrong turns but always finding my way back on the journey He has for me. Totally in awe of God's unconditional Love and Grace. I have been given a heart for the Nations of the World and currently using the gift of therapy to build relationships and share this same unconditional Love where ever I go.

Current Projects:


Curently doing work in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti at Klinik St. Espirit with an organization called Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis. We have a primary care clinic with dental, malnutrition, well baby, vision, vaccination and stroke prevention programs. We also established an Outpatient Rehab Clinic in 2012 where we provide care to children and adults. We also have exercise, weight loss, stroke prevention and nutrition classes. We have a trained Haitian PT and 2 rehab technicians on staff along with volunteer therapist from the US, Chile and Columbia. We do lots of training of rehab technician students.  We also have an adaptive equipment workshop where we build/modify: wheelchairs, standers, walkers and other equipment to help our patients achieve more independence and move safely within their environment.


Working with an organization called ASELSI where a friend of mine started a clinic 10 years ago. The clinic mostly serves children but some adults are seen there. Local Guatemalan men and women have been trained to deliver basic movement techniques. We provide continued training to the local staff. They also do wheelchair deliveries, home visits and plan to start doing more community trainings. Jennifer Hoines and I share a desire to take therapy into those hard to reach places and provide training for local community workers. This is why she founded the non profit Therapy Clinics International (TCI) after starting the program in Chichicastenango and seeing the need to take therapy into more remote places. 


Currently working with a pastor and Jennifer through her non profit Therapy Clinics International (TCI) to do trainings of community workers in remote Ugandan villages as well as developing a basic therapy program in a small hospital in the DRC.